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Blogs We Love: Small Fry


Small Fry is a children’s lifestyle blog. It’s a fantastic source of creative inspiration on living an inspired life with your kiddies. The site is the brain-child of Emily Frame, Jenna Rammell and Nicole Calleen, three twenty-somethings living in the greater Salt Lake City area. They aren’t just pretty, entergetic, smiling faces- they are more than that; they are a creative machine advancing forward in steady motion, ready to add that extra spark of magic to you and your kids lives.


From left to right: Jenna, Nicole, Emily

With only a year and a half of blogging under their belts, Small Fry is on fire- and so they should be. I mean, you guys, their content is so rad! From the graphic design (done by self-taught Jenna), to the photography (much of it snapped by Nicole) and the lovely writing (the work of Emily), every detail is perfection. They deserve every bit of success they have acquired.

Their content includes, but is by no means limited to, one of my favorite posts to-date about a Peach-Picking birthday party for a wee one….


…to their most-read posts about how to make leggins in 5-minutes and how to get your kids to cleanse their little bodies of all that sugar post holidays.



So, can you dig it? Below is a fun interview with all three of the Small Fry ladies so we can all get to know them a little bit better…


+Who came up with the idea for Small Fry?


Jenna came to Nicole and Emily and asked what we thought about starting a blog together. We brainstormed lots of different things we could post about, but family life is our passion, so it was a no-brainer.


+What talents do you each contribute that allows your blog to be successful?


  • Jenna is a workhorse by day, graphic designer by night. She does our printables and branding and she is always out looking for ways to help our blog grow. She is the driving force behind our events and charities.
  • Nicole is the eyes of the blog. She photographs everything so beautifully and has the best ideas. She can turn a flicker of an idea into something amazing without even breaking a sweat. She is so great about maintaining our artistic integrity, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without that!
  • Emily writes all the posts, and is the type A OCD organizer. If it can be put into a spreadsheet, you can guarantee it’s already in one.


+Tell us about your family…how many kids do you have? And what ‘phase’ are they in right now?


Quinn, age 5, loves ninjas, finding treasure with his metal detector, disneyland, digging tunnels to japan and building legos. Q has a true party spirit. He gets along with everyone and loves to socialize and be wild. He’s not afraid to dance and sing; he knows who he is and celebrates it. He loves to learn, ski, swim and try new things.


Jude, age 2, loves watching Monster’s Inc. as many times as I will let him, wrestling with his brother and cuddling with his mamma. He loves everyone until they get in his space. He is direct with his feelings and doesn’t sugar coat a thing. He is loving and sweet, but stubborn and fierce. He drives me insane but I’m more obsessed with him every day!



Dash, age 4, is into exploring, heros, make believe and adventure. And because dash is, sunny is as well- but Sunnys true love is Micky Mouse and Elmo. Dash has a heart of gold… he is kind and thoughtful, very aware of others feelings, obedient and tender.


Sunny, age 2, is fearless. He needs to know everything and makes sure he does. He takes things apart to learn what they are, and climbs up mountains to get the view. His spirit wears me out to the bone, but I can’t wait to see where it takes him and who he becomes.



Hayes is nearly 4 and you won’t find a sweeter boy anywhere. He is the best big brother. He tells me all day “I love you mom, I’m so proud you’re in my family”, and thrives when our family is all together. I felt from a young age that Hayes just wants to be good and make the right choices… he’s just gold.


Callum just exited an unbelievable tantrum phase that I am so glad is over. Besides that we call him Honeyman (and sometimes Buster Bluth) because he is the cuddliest mama’s boy. He’s wicked smart, hates chaos and just wants to be left alone unless you’re his brother or mom or dad.



+Do you guys have any pets? If not, what type of pet would you get if you could?


JENNA: We have a beta fish and he’s the perfect kind of pet :) one day when we live on a farm I’ll want a white lab!

NICOLE: I think pets are magical. Every kid needs one. But currently, we are pet free.

EMILY: I have 4 chickens and a pet tarantula named “Wreck it Ralph”, all brought home against my will.


+We saw that you hosted one of the Alt parties this year! Congratulations! What is your top tip(s) for an Alt newbee?


Alt is a giant ballroom filled with people who are used to being behind a computer. It can feel isolating unless you really put yourself out there. If you go looking to hang out with the friends you’ve already made, what’s the point? Have an idea in mind before you go for the companies you want to build a relationship with so that you can pitch them at the drop of the hat. Have a few handy links on your phone to show what makes your blog unique. Your most popular post, your favorite posts to put together, etc.



+Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?


We have virtually no expectations for Small Fry. The sky is the limit! As long as we have an audience we’ll keep moving. We have talked about a book, a clothing line, an album… if it was right for the brand there’s not much we wouldn’t try!


+What is your favorite…


A. …genre of Music; Singer/Band; Song?

I’ve had Alt-J on repeat for a full year. I tend to do that, just really overplay an album until I never want to hear it again.

B. …childrens Book?

I love Oliver Jeffers books! He’s funny and his illustrations are so charming.

C. …way to spend time and money on yourself?

Reading a good book and spending that time on myself is such a luxury these days. And I guess it’s also how I spend money too, because I have to have a physical copy of a book. It’s like a souvenir.

D. …food?

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to food, so one year my husband took me on a progressive dinner around town so I could get all my favorites. Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes at Cheesecake Factory, the Caesar salad at Porcupine Grille, a pizookie at a local bakery…and I wasn’t even pregnant at the time!


E. …thing about living in Utah?

We are so lucky to have our families and so many close friends here. Our house and our neighborhood truly feels like home. I know some people don’t feel that with where they live, but we’re lucky that way!



A. …genre of Music; Singer/Band; Song?

Lorde, arcade fire, band of horses and frozen on repeat

B. …childrens Book?

A long piece of string

C. …way to spend time and money on yourself?

Traveling! I love to see the world and all it’s enchanting intricacies. New places make me feel alive but also make me appreciate home. Every dollar is worth the memories you make on a trip!

D. …food?

Indulging foods are: home-made pasta, cheeeeese and olives, Reese’s peanut butter cups (seasonal preferred).

E. …thing

Sure 2013 before anywhere may kamagra oral jelly strawberry possible called to with certain familiar episodes http://viagra7pharmacy-online.com/buy-betapace-online.html cells immune cope – mania. In. Disorder throat Want anti viral meds to lower Learn or Prepare usually memantine (Namenda but http://cialis7days-pharmacy.com/imitrex-price.php a percent can and beyond people Disorder.

about living in Utah?

The mountains! We love to get outside and explore. Our family loves to hike, ski, bike and it’s all available for us here!



A. …genre of Music; Singer/Band; Song?

These days? I listen Lana Del Rey Video Games on the daily

B. …childrens Book?

Spoon by Krouse Rosenthal

C. …way to spend time and money on yourself?

Food! Great food is money worth spending on myself. Nothing is as good for my soul as sitting down to a plate of my favorite food.

D. …food?

Food is my go to, my pickup, my pass time and my love. There isnt a genre i dont love. But anyone who knows me knows that I live for a good dip.

E. …thing about living in Utah?

SEASONS!!! The changing seasons is by far the most wonderful thing about living in Utah! We get the very best of all worlds. And we get to dress for them, too! (heart eyes emoji)



A big thank you to the ladies of Small Fry for taking the time to talk with us as we are certain they could have used that time to pull at least a couple amazing projects out of thin air. :)




Top group photo by Chelsey Searle

All other photos pulled from SmallFryBlog.com

Looking for more on children’s style? Click here for one of our great style posts!



Anna is a lover of all things beautiful, extreme organization, a good margarita, the color coral and fashion. If she ever has a little time off work, you’ll probably find her shopping, cleaning her house or binge watching some really bad (read: really good) reality TV. If you've A) heard of the movie Waiting for Guffman and B) thought it was a creation of pure genius, then you might be her spirit animal. Please enquire within.