Tutorial – How to Make Snap Leather Bracelets


Leather Snap Bracelet

A few months ago I stumbled upon leather cuff bracelets in a clothing store for $24. I wasn’t super fond of the design or colors so I thought to myself, “I can totally make this!”.

This is definitely one of those projects that is cheaper to buy than it is to make. I love suede, which is what skyrocketed the cost of this. One yard of suede runs about $30. You do not need a whole yard of suede for this project.  You can also knock down the cost if you use a cotton fabric instead. And keep in mind you can make a TON of bracelets if you wish and that’ll make the project much more cost-effective.

These would make great gifts!

The pink leather I scored is a beauty. There was a small scrap left at my local fabric store which was reasonably inexpensive – and even if it had been pricey I think I would’ve splurged  because I think it’s so lovely.

Supplies for Leather Bracelet

What You Need:(You can make several bracelets with this supply)

  • 1/2 yard of leather
  • 1/2 yard of suede or cotton fabric for the interior of the bracelet
  • A package of snap fasteners. I bought ones that complimented the color of my leather. Fabric stores often carry copper, silver and pearl snaps
  • Snap fastener tool. There are a ton out there. I used this plastic one called SnapSetter. The size of your fasteners will determine the size of the SnapSetter you’ll need
  • Hammer and slab of wood or a surface you can pound on
  • Thread and a new needle that can support thicker fabric

How to Make These:

These really are quite simple to make – the hardest parts are -

  • sewing with leather which can be a bit tricky (ensuring you have the right tension and thread are critical)
  • make sure the snaps are lined up correctly. It was a mind trick for me figuring out which snap went on top versus the bottom
  1. Start by measuring your wrist, add 1-2 inches at least of wiggle room.
  2. Cut your leather to the length you just measured in step 1, to your desired width. The fun part is you can make this as thin or thick as you like.
  3. Next cut the suede or cotton liner to be slightly smaller than the leather. Again, I wasn’t super exact with this but you do want the liner to be very close in size the outer leather so there isn’t a gap in between fabrics.
  4. Now sew a single seam along the edges, wrong sides together, joining the leather with your liner
  5. Now it’s time to do the snaps! Depending on the thickness of your cuff will determine how many snaps you can have, 2-4
  6. and depending on the type of tool you use will determine how you implement. This project is actually quite therapeutic if you use the hammer method. *Be careful to line the fasteners up correctly! The outer portion of the snap will go on the outside of your cuff. Make sure when you fold it over it meets the corresponding side of the snap on the proper side of the fabric.

If you wish to add a charm or pendant you could bedazzle your cuff as desired. I chose to keep mine simple since I love the leather so much.

Happy crafting!

Leather Snap Cuff Bracelet


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