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Artist in the spotlight: Cat Stahl


You are our artist in the spotlight. You are a painter, a writer, a fashion designer, a stylist, and a photographer.
Yes…sounds so generic doesn’t it? I think much on how to succinctly roll all-of-this up into one easily digestible moniker. But the words escape me at this point. I journal on style…whether that be capturing a moment via a photograph and copywriting the header and text (I often stop people on

So edges terrible. I where can i buy viagra online that bangs.

the street to ask for a photo) or styling a fashion show/fashion shoot.


I feel I am more of a graffiti artist than a painter…but it’s not like I hang with the big dawgs. I ain’t illegal. I do floral graffiti which as you know I refer to as kitty graffiti ( to correspond with my brand Onward Kitty). I paint on any surface I can. I’ve done lamp shades, denim, jewelry, vintage girdles, fancy schmanzy dresses, purses, canvas, wedding shoes…the list goes on.


I am a style watcher and journalist/designer/stylist.

Where do you find inspiration for what you do?

I am an extremely visual person. I gain inspiration in everything I see. Inspiration is an energy and it washes over me and compels me to create. Creating is a way of releasing that energy. My mind computes very quickly and I am able to size up a situation and an opportunity in just seconds. I gotta get that photograph or forever regret not. It’s almost like a “Knowing”. I know the fruit is ripe for the picking. I see someone with awesome style and I chase them down for a photograph. I document what I think is cool. I have no choice. I have to share what I see. What I see and perceive is different from most folks but as well, hopefully enough the same in that they “get” what I am trying to convey.

How do you stay hip when you don’t live in a big city?

(Emily Reid woman…you ask the best/est questions)…Wow…I am so flattered that you think I be hip! I do my own thing. Whereas I say I am a style watcher…I can say, I take what I like and make it my own. I’ve never understood straight up copying someone. Why would you imitate someone else when you can totally do it better by being yourself. Interestingly, I don’t do style magazines. Too homogenized. And I wouldn’t necessarily say I am in vogue or current. I just know what I like…what works for me and my body type… and I stay true to that. Do your own thing. And do it well. You will always be in style.

How does one go about setting up a photo shoot with you or purchase one of your Onward Kitty pieces?

Call me775-843-4693, connect with me on Facebook at or email. Mini shoot prices began at $250 for my services only…and vary accordingly. Add an additional $100 + for hair/makeup artist which I arrange.


When she isn’t working or spending time with her family, Emily is running outside, doing yoga inside, garage “sailing”, thrift shopping and dreaming up new concoctions in the kitchen. She loves art and teaches children of all ages arts, crafts and how to make mistakes.

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