Artist in the spotlight: Cat Stahl


You are our artist in the spotlight.  You are a painter, a writer, a fashion designer, a stylist, and a photographer.
Yes…sounds so generic doesn’t it? I think much on how to succinctly roll all-of-this up into one easily digestible moniker. But the words escape me at this point. I journal on style…whether that be capturing a moment via a photograph and copywriting the header and text (I often stop people on the street to ask for a photo) or styling a fashion show/fashion shoot.


I feel I am more of a graffiti artist than a painter…but it’s not like I hang with the big dawgs. I ain’t illegal. I do floral graffiti which as you know I refer to as kitty graffiti ( to correspond with my brand Onward Kitty). I paint on any surface I can. I’ve done lamp shades, denim, jewelry, vintage girdles, fancy schmanzy dresses, purses, canvas, wedding shoes…the list goes on.


I am a style watcher and journalist/designer/stylist.

Where do you find inspiration for what you do?

I am an extremely visual person. I gain inspiration in everything I see. Inspiration is an energy and it washes over me and compels me to create. Creating is a way of releasing that energy. My mind computes very quickly and I am able to size up a situation and an opportunity in just seconds.  I gotta get that photograph or forever regret not. It’s almost like a “Knowing”. I know the fruit is ripe for the picking.  I see someone with awesome style and I chase them down for a photograph. I document what I think is cool. I have no choice.  I have to share what I see. What I see and perceive is different from most folks but as well, hopefully enough the same in that they “get” what I am trying to convey.

How do you stay hip when you don’t live in a big city?

(Emily Reid woman…you ask the best/est questions)…Wow…I am so flattered that you think I be hip! I do my own thing. Whereas I say I am a style watcher…I can say, I take what I like and make it my own. I’ve never understood straight up copying someone. Why would you imitate someone else when you can totally do it better by being yourself. Interestingly, I don’t do style magazines. Too homogenized. And I wouldn’t necessarily say I am in vogue or current. I just know what I like…what works for me and my body type… and I stay true to that. Do your own thing. And do it well. You will always be in style.

 How does one go about setting up a photo shoot with you or purchase one of your Onward Kitty pieces?

Call me775-843-4693, connect with me on Facebook at  or email. Mini shoot prices began at $250 for my services only…and vary accordingly. Add an additional $100 + for hair/makeup artist which I arrange.


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